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Today, Natural Medicine is now the fastest growing sector of medical care today with its non toxic, non-invasive methods of healing the body & mind! By choosing Natural Medicine (after correct diagnosis from your physician), you're taking responsibly for your own health while using a health expert to guide you through your healing.  You are also being extremely "Eco-friendly" because the pharmaceutical drug industry has unfortunately become a toxic chemical operation made from by-products from petrochemicals with numerous pharmaceutical drugs found in our local drinking water. "Big Pharma" has become toxic for both ourselves, our children and the planet. This is why we believe that by choosing natural medicine for yourself you are also playing your part in "curing the planet." Just as humans become sick, so does the planet because we are "caretakers of this amazing planet earth."  

The internet has become full of armchair medical experts and promised cures that only confuse you the more time you spend time researching. With over 20 years clinical experience of clinical experience Johnathon Dao can save you time and money guiding you to the best of health.  For services please click on Wellness Services which offers Clinic information, Home Visit and Skype Wellness Coaching.

Cureplanet Ebooks offer clinically based natural cures for specific ailments that you can use immediately to self-heal. These holistic guides offer complete healing protocols that Johnathon Dao uses in his clinic with his patients on a daily basis so you can get access to years of clinical experience immediately. They don't contain dodgy one-off cures that don't work, rather complete programs that you can follow with results, and if you need some tailored one to one advise you can book and appointment with him and get personal guidance as required.

The choice is yours, you have 2 or them! A life of treating symptoms with nasty side effects or a healthy full life with Natural medicine focused on eliminating the causes of disease while simultaneously stimulating the main curative force needed to heal most diseases including cancer.... your amazing immune system.   Let us show you how to cleanse and detoxify your body and to harmonise and heal your nervous system, hormonal system and major bodily systems while also addressing our most effective curative power, your minds. 


Pronunciation: kyur
Function: noun 
Date: 14th century
Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Medieval 
Latin & Latin; Medieval Latin cura, cure of souls, from Latin, care
1. Spiritual charge : care 
2. Pastoral charge of a parish
3. Recovery or relief from a disease 
4. Something (drug or treatment) that cures a disease 
5. A course or period of treatment  
6. Spa 
7. A complete or permanent solution or remedy
8. A process or method of curing— cure·less \-ləs\ adjective


Pronunciation: Plan"et
Function: noun 
Date: 13th century
Etymology: Old English expression planete, French plan[`e]te, from 
Latin expression planeta, from the Greek expression, and a planet; 
prop. wandering, from to wander, from a wandering. Plan´et
1. (Astron.) A celestial body which revolves about the sun 
in an orbit of a moderate degree of eccentricity. 
It is distinguished from a comet by the absence of a coma, 
and by having a less eccentric orbit. See Solar system.
2. A star, as influencing the fate of a men. One of the seven 
revolving astrological celestial bodies that in conjunction 
with the stars are believed to influence human affairs 
and personalities.
3. A person who follows or serves another.