E-motion Yoga

E-motion Yoga is a revolutionary synthesis of Yoga, Qigong, Kriya-Yoga (dynamic breath-work), Tantra (Neurogenic Tremoring - Organic body shaking) & Dance to release trapped and blocked emotions from our past that store in the electrical systems of our body causing physical and emotional health conditions thus preventing us from feeling our deepest form of love. Have you ever held a yoga pose for some time and began to shake? This is not a sign of weakness or a time to change the pose... this is the beginning of something special, this is when the nervous system begins healing itself. Usually our mind tries to stop this shaking process and tighten the core etc. but when we guide it in an organic way and let it do what it wants to do, something amazing begins to happen. Some call it kundalini, a shaman may call it spirits leaving the body, but science is now proving the therapeutic process of neurogenic tremoring in healing the mind of trauma.



 Emotional Trauma and subsequent suppressed emotions occur in all human beings after an overwhelming experience. Trapped or suppressed emotions (Trauma) store in the nervous system, fascia and muscles of the body and can be an underlying causes of physical and psychological diseases according to scientific studies. There are obvious "hard trauma's" such as war, natural disasters, serious accidents and life threatening situation which are diagnosed as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) but the form of trauma that often goes undiagnosed and untreated and is most epidemic is "soft trauma's". These are less identifiable and often caused by childhood or relationship emotional abuse, social violence or a series of stressful events that occur close together such as loss of a spouse or child, divorce, loss of finances, job or home or serious health problems and medical complications etc. 

 E-motion Yoga does not claim to fix problems rather it aims to support your body to do the organic healing which is what it was designed to do once we allow it. You body is a super-computer with an organic inbuilt anti-virus for cleaning itself but we have forgotten this process. Because the organic mechanism that heals emotional trauma has been suppressed for so long in our society that our bodies are not doing what it is designed to do, which in my opinion is to heal the mind. You do not need to have emotional trauma to get great benefits from E-motion Yoga because it also helps to release chronic stress which in itself is a form of repressed emotions. Chronic stress is now acknowledged by modern medicine to be a major cause of many diseases so it makes common sense that we develop organic ways of discharging this safely and effectively using methods that are natural for the body and mind. 

Humans are designed to evolve through emotional trauma, in fact we are biologically designed to endure and evolve through traumatic life events and love more. This condition is called PTG ( Post Traumatic Growth ) and involves the study of how humans grow emotionally and spiritually through emotionally traumatic events. When we shift our consciousness we move from "Victim" to "Survivor" and begin the healing process and move towards leading a more connected, fulfilled life with a deeper sense of compassionate love for ourselves and all beings. According to our ancestors the process of healing our emotions and trauma begin in the body and not the mind, because it is "the body that keeps the score" providing an accurate history book of our past. Traditional medicine has been well aware of trauma and has been very clear that shaking and tremoring evoked by the nervous system is the safest path to discharge the excessive amount of biochemical energy that was generated during the traumatic/stressful event.

This repetitive recycling of over excitement/anxiety of the brain (amygdala) and nervous system of a past event that was not discharged at the time and continues long after the event is what is referred to as trauma and for most of us it lies hidden in our body recreating life events that trigger the original traumas because they are wanting to be released. This recycling can be subtle and unnoticed or it can be gross in nature and can often lead to "repetitive compulsion behaviour" which is where our bodies seek out to replay a trauma scenario later in life that mimics a suppressed emotional feeling that was generated during childhood such as abandonment, unhealthy relationships and emotional or physical abuse.

It has been suggested that within trauma the events become trapped in our body but it is now recognised that it is rather the emotions that do. Because the traumatic experience generated such an over-whelming biological response the body stores the emotions to then be released at a later date that is safe such as hours or days after the event. But due to our ego natured society we become stuck in the mind and this bodily process becomes forgotten and the body literally becomes stuck in past. This then causes the excessive charge to be left in the body and is not discharged creating a bio chemical loop that makes our brain believe this event is continually happening causing emotions such as fear, anger and sadness in daily life to continue without resolve. The conscious mind is mature and understands the concept of time and realises that the stressful event happened some time ago and we are now safe and survived. Yet the subconscious mind is like an infant and does not understand the concept of time and believes the event has recently happened or is still happening. It is my understanding that during the process of shaking and tremoring that the body somehow communicates through a universal frequency with the subconscious mind via the nervous system and begins the healing process of bringing it into the present safely.

Only by surrendering on a deep energetic level can we really accept and let go and unlock ourselves form the past and experience the gift that is the present that great spiritual teachers teach about. The illusive present moment can never be lost or found nor come when called rather only fully embodied when one is free on a deep emotional and spiritual level by fully being in the body and feeling it.  The mind as I understand it can never really be in the present, only the heart can. The mind is designed to be in the past or future whereas the heart only beats in the now and can never be anywhere else. When we release the past and our emotional baggage, only then can we fully evolve and fully embrace life's incredible gift that is called "Yog" in Sanskrit which is commonly known as "Yoga" which literally means "Union with the Devine" and come into the heart!

 It is my intention and wish that E-motion Yoga can be one method to assist human beings to experience such a feeling and I have made it my life purpose to share it with all who wish to embrace the mystery of such a union with the grace of God's (Consciousness-Nature) Love. It is in my opinion from over 22 years of clinical practice that nearly all of us have trauma or suppressed emotions to a varying degree. Most of us are in some form of "emotional shock" but the western medical paradigm does not diagnose it is correctly in my experience, and it often diagnosed as all sorts of mental or physical conditions that have their roots in trauma and repressed/trapped emotions in my opinion. In modern medicine when you have a mental condition such as depression, anxiety, psychosis etc. they "put the mind to sleep" with medications and talk to your sick mind and try to heal a sick mind with a sick mind, yet in traditional indigenous medicine we "wake it up" and we use the body to do it, not the mind. It is difficult for me to provide you with more here on this because it is currently not accepted by western medicine and is a process that can not be understood through the mind only felt though the bodily process. 

About 80% of our serotonin (the happy hormone) is produced in our gut, which is now referred to as the "Second brain" or scientifically the "Enteric Nervous System". This nervous system within the gut becomes extremely stressed during emotional stress and not only causes gut diseases that are epidemic in this society but also mental problems as well. The link between the gut and the brain are very solid in scientific literature presently and we now understand this link. During the process of E-motion Yoga the organs and the gut are massaged via this shaking and tremoring processencouraging the stress release.

Neurogenic Tremors to release trauma of a Polar Bear after tagging from wildlife medical team.

Please understand E-motion Yoga is not just for trauma but for everyone..... anyone who feels that they may not of "discharged" fully the emotions at the time of any stressful event in their childhood, youth or adult life, or anyone who is able to accept that many physical diseases are caused by emotional stress. This method is safe,..... in that is safe to breath, shake, use sound and dance. In E-motion Yoga you DO NOT have to relive, revisited or talk about the traumatic event to heal it in my experience! What is not safe is to hold it in, recreate it or relive it! That being said as stories and repressed emotions surface we need to create a safe space, be very gentle with ourselves and support the process of healing because it often discharges gradually. Some need the support of talking to their therapist about it and support of friends and I encourage this but I do not recommend getting into the story, because this in my experience does not remove the triggers which are the suppressed emotional traumas. "We need to feel it to heal it".... not think it! We can not think our way through an emotional trauma only feel our way through.  What I feel E-motion Yoga provides is a method for people to heal themselves which is about giving people back their power, and allowing the body do what it is designed to do.... heal the mind!

 Johnathon Dao MD(AM),D.Sci(Acupuncture) has been working with Emotional Trauma for 22 years and has himself experienced PTSD and fully recovered twice. He is absolutely devoted to holding a safe space to be "real" and "let it go" without having to "talk about it" and heal our open wounds.... in the heart!