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Johnathon Dao MD(AM) has been in clinical practice and involved in the healing arts for 26 years which began as a degree in Acupuncture & Chinese medicine which included Shiatsu and other forms of bodywork at the Australian Academy of Natural Therapies on the Gold Coast. After practicing in Europe (Finland & Switzerland) for several years, he was then lead to study Qigong & Yoga culminating in a 10 year permanent stint in India running an acupuncture clinic & school while also studying Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy and other Sacred healing arts. During his time in India he also attained his MD(AM) doctor of alternative medical sciences (not western medical science) under the guidance of India's and Sri Lanka's most experienced alternative medical doctors while his clients included some of Bollywood's biggest stars.

Some reasons to have a consultation:

  • Anxiety, depression and stress
  • Hormonal inbalance
  • Obesity and digestive problems
  • Insomnia & Fatigue
  • Body pain & Inflammation
  • Infertility & Natal Care
  • PTSD & associated mental-emotional problems
  • Longevity & Cosmetic Anti-ageing Treatment

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Recently Johnathon has Co-authored a book with his Qigong Teacher and best selling author Master Mantak Chia entitled "The Eight Immortal Healers" which details Taoist Secrets to Health & Longevity and modern scientific breakthroughs in natural medicine.

From his own experience with trauma and working with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and depression he was guided towards Natural medicine to heal himself and others with Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist Abdominal Organ Massage) which led to the creation of E-motion Yoga which he is the founder of. This unique form of Yoga for emotional healing is a synthesis or Yoga, Breathwork, Shaking medicine, Dance and Music to assist in processing and healing blocked or trapped emotions in our nervous system and subconscious allowing self-healing and a safe place for the heart to feel, heal and open to love. 

Johnathon teaches E-motion Yoga & Qigong classes, workshops and retreats and is also available for consultation & treatments with Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Chi Nei Tsang, Medical Qigong Healing and traditional Dietary & Lifestyle guidance for self-healing. All these modalities are included in his treatment packages with ongoing support in person or Skype to guide you on your healing journey to wellness.

If you are unable to see Johnathon in person, distance is no barrier with his comprehensive wellness coaching session online, with full support and follow up sessions to get your health back on track. He administers all the same natural health cure protocols that he uses in the clinic via Skype and provides you with follow up pdf's of diet, cure cheat-sheets, ebooks, supplement prescriptions, links to yoga and chi gong videos and anything else you need to obtain your health goals. Let him be your private natural medicine doctor and personal wellness coach online, so together he can help you reach your highest and healthiest potential .



Tweed Coast Clinic price $90 - 60 mins
Community Acupuncture (Murwillumbah) $30-40

1 off Session In-person (Home Visit or Skype Consultation)

AU$120  - 60 mins (AU$30 for additional 30 mins)
Discounts for sessions booked and paid in advance in groups of 8



For Tweed Coast - Chinderah clinic please call reception to book on:


Tweed Coast Chiropractic
78 Wommin Bay Road
Chinderah NSW 2487

Contact us on info@cureplanet.com


Acupuncture is a safe and effective natural therapy that has been used for over 2000 years to treat and prevent disease as well as improve our wellbeing to its optimal level. Acupuncture may be effective for controlling pain and can regulate the body's physiological functions to treat various internal dysfunction and disorders by stimulating the bodies internal chemicals such as endorphins, neuropeptides and other anti-inflammatory hormones. Some studies show it may also balance the Hormonal and Autonomic Nervous system thus getting the root many stress related dis-eases while also play a part as a complementary treatment in combination with diet and lifestyle changes.  


Cosmetic Acupuncture (Facial enhancement) has been used for several centuries in Asia and most recently the art has been largely refined and studied in the west with the modern improvement of acupuncture needle technology. This therapy uses micro needles implanted into wrinkles and sagging muscles in the face to increase circulation and muscle tone and improve collagen production to reduce and reverse the effects of aging. 


Moxibustion is a form of fire heat treatment often combined with acupuncture that stimulates specific acupuncture points of the body. It involves the burning of mugwort herb near acupuncture points or attached to acupuncture needles creating a lovely warming sensation.  The term is derived from the Japanese "mogusa" meaning herb (mugwort) and the Latin "bustion" meaning burning.  


Shiatsu (Finger pressure) is an ancient form of traditional Japanese physical therapy that involves stimulating the acupuncture points and meridians with finger pressure, often with gentle rocking and stretching also. It can be performed gentle or firmly depending on the persons needs and likes for complete relaxation and therapeutic benefit. 

Chinese Herbal Medicine, dating back 5000 years, involves the use of traditional plant based medicines such as roots, flowers, tuber, leaves, seeds and fruits to cleanse and strengthen blood and increase the bodies Qi. Plant medicine is largely science based which many individual herbs being sold in your local health stores and pharmacies today such as extracts of ginger, cinnamon, astragalus and chrysanthemum. Today no animal parts are used and they are heavy metal tested for safety in Aust. TGA approved formulas for maximum safety and potency.

 Traditional herbal formulas that are only available from your Licensed Acupuncturist are more effective than single herbs in most cases and have a greater balancing action and single herbs alone. 

Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Shiatsu & Chinese Herbal Medicine can be very effective for many diseases and conditions including back pain, muscle stiffness, headaches, migraines, tendonitis, arthritis, digestive disorders, anxiety, insomnia, urinary problems and female health problems such as menstrual cramps, irregular periods, and infertility as well as a vast array of health conditions. 

Naturopathy (Including Nature Cure & Natural Hygiene) are systems of natural medicine that treat disease without the use of drugs or surgery and instead uses dietary changes, whole food (predominantly) plant based diets, food supplements, juicing therapy, exercise therapy, detoxification and relaxation to reverse disease and promote the healing process. Originating by German & Swiss doctors during the 18th-19th century Europe, this medicine was made popular during the 20th-21st century in the united states. 

Kinesiology (Touch 4 Health, Applied) was developed during the last several decades by Acupuncturists, Chiropractors and Naturopaths with the intentions of using muscle weakness and dysfunction as a means to understanding the "body-talking". While this system does treat muscles and lymphatic areas purely physically is also maintains that muscles groups can be linked to certain organs and glands and indicate system dysfunctions.  It also states that we can use muscle's as indicators to ask the body questions in relation to its health and healing. 

Chi Nei Tsang is a traditional oriental massage of the deep abdomen visceral tissues and organs. It aims to clean out stagnant blood, detoxify and clean blocked emotions with the abdominal area. It can be used for general health and emotional stress but is most commonly used for IBS, bloating, constipation, lymphatic drainage, headaches, adhesions, menstrual and reproductive disorders, back pain and poor circulation.

Yoga is a practical science, not a religion.  It is both movement and meditation that brings the bodies elements, energy channels, chakras and central nervous system into correct balance for optimal health. It assists in healing the respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and hormonal systems and bring emotional stability and clarity of mind. Yoga postures (asana) can be performed in an athletic fast moving sequences for strength and stamina while also it can practiced in a slow and restorative way for rehabilitation and relaxation. The science of Yoga is vast covering body movements and positions (asana), breathing exercise (pranayama), hand movements (mudra), body locks (banda) as well as sound vibration, meditation and philosophy. 

Qi Gong, also known as Chinese Yoga has the very same intentions as the Indian system of yoga but with an oriental style. The exercises are often easier to perform and much of it involves standing or sitting. While their is floor exercises it is mostly aimed at building strength and strong Qi (life force energy) & Gong (cultivation) through the organs of the body by performing simple body movements with visualisations. While rooted in Chinese medicine and martial arts, these exercises can be performed by all ages and no knowledge of martial arts is required to learn these simple movements that are easy to learn. Qigong can offer all the benefits of Tai Chi without having to learn the long complicated sets of exercises that takes years to learn .