Kung Fu HIIT

    “ Learning Kung Fu HIIT is good, being Kung Fu HIIT is even better! ”                                                  Johnathon Dao


Learning Kung Fu HIIT is good, being Kung Fu HIIT is even better!

                                             Johnathon Dao

Kung Fu HIIT is a combination of Ancient Taoist & Shaolin Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong and Martial Arts high intensity fitness exercises that all work in synthesis to burn fat, increase healthy metabolism, boost immunity, reduce stress, gain flexibility & strength while getting you incredibly fit, healthy and looking and feeling your best.

Ever wondered what Shaolin Buddhist or Taoist Monks do to keep so fit, reduce aging, live so long and keep so relaxed? Kung Fu HIIT will show you the secrets of how they do it! Ever wanted to learn the fundamentals of Tai Chi or Qigong but find it too slow and don't have the time to learn it? Don't worry, with Kung Fu HIIT you can learn the basic moves fast and also slow while you get the fitness and mind of a Shaolin monk!

Would you like to kick some ass while you exercise Bruce Lee Style? Want to increase cardio, strength. relaxation and internal organ health all at the same time? Looking for a more flowing and creative form of exercise that gets you internally and externally fit at the same time? If so you will love Kung Fu HIIT! Most fitness exercises focus on getting the outside of the body fit but don't work the internal organs. With Kung Fu HIIT you get both external body and internal organ fitness and health!

The Ancient Monks of China developed specific exercises to regulate their metabolisms and burn fat, boost immunity and balance the hormonal systems and have kept it fairly secret until now, but with Kung Fu HIIT we will teach you how!