See what our clients are saying about their journey into wellness.

Dear Johnathon,

I want to thank you so much! My visit at your place in Palolem really changed my life. I am from
Germany, 34. In November I was in Palolem with my friend Stephanie for six weeks. We both enjoyed your fantastic treatments and your very helpful informations about health, and the wonderful massages from Sarah.
The acupuncture was absolute fantastic! Until this time, for me it was normal to go to the toilet 2 (max. 3) times a week. But with your help, my systems started to work much more and learnt to let “things” go away...back home, Stephanie and I continued to drink min. 2 litre of water a day and took your information-paper in mind before we went to the market. Now, I am so happy. I still can go every day to the toilet (not after every meal ... may be some day). And this has a great influence on my whole system. I feel “free”, with a lot of energy and not like “shit” (please, excuse me). But the years before, I really often felt down, depressed,
full, tired. Also......

May be you remember that my Dad had very hard headaches every morning since 40 years. Now he is so happy without this. And my mum also is getting better and better every day. And I am also fine - making yoga and turning a lot of times the music on for dancing! (-:

Visiting you an getting your treatment has also changed my parents life. after coming back from India they told me that they were grateful for all the experiences. in fact, they told me, that what they experienced in India in one day was more than they experience in Germany in one year. my mum is still going on with her treatment: she doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink alcohol, instead she drinks at least 2litres of water, eats a lot of fruits and vegetables and takes her medicine. also since yesterday she got rid of all the amalgam (substance with lead & co.) in her mouth! she feels better and better. she has no more pain in her body, and is no longer depressed, the adenoids are much smaller and not painful. she needs a lot of heat - from inside (hot drinks) and outside (big blankets in the night and love from the family). but she is on her way!
— Tania
Hi Dr. John,
I had a few consultations with you in Bhakti Kutir in January. I just wanted to touch base with you and say a massive thank you for all the wonderful healing you did for me.
I ordered the book you recommended, Your Body is the Barometer of Your Soul, and also subscribed to Chetday so I can download The Five Tibetans.
I’m sorry for such a long email but I just wanted to get in contact with you because you are truly and honestly the most unbelievably accurate, positive and life changing healer i have ever come across, and I’ve been to many!
— Samantha (Brighton, UK)
I visited Dr Johnathon ... in December ‘07. I had been without my period for 4 month. He gave me a treatment, plenty of Ayurvedic medicines and a humble advice- to treat myself as a woman with greater respect then before. A few weeks later I got my period and since then it has come every month.

I can strongly recommend Johnathon! Both for his wisdom as doctor as well as human. There’re many doctors around but only a few with an openness as Johnathon.
— Caroline (Sweden)
Dear Dr Dao,
You are a true friend now — I think of you so often — You and Aruna mam have shown me the way — since our last meeting —- I have forgotten the world and am fully spending time to cure myself — its not easy — making all the nutritious fresh foods takes a lot of time — in my case it has to be further grinded and liquefied so that it can be taken by feeding tube — no one is ready to help as its such a hassle — how long I will be able to do it only God knows — I get fed up and depressed many times — I realise natural medicine is a very tuff job — yes by now I have read many good books and done a lot of research on natural medicine super foods — I am still learning as learning more is a never-ending process — initially it took me very long to understand but with time and study I started following the concept clearly — there are some wonderful people in this world too —- who have helped me in so many ways — many contacts are only through internet only — I do not think if anyone — here in India — would be interested to really take advantage of this natural science because of the discipline, patience and hard work required. I may not be able to help anybody — but I keep sending send some material from my research to Aruna mam and some others — in case it could help them or they could help others. With Regards,
— Rajeev

you treated me a little while ago for my absent periods before I flew off to Israel!! Well 3 days ago the impossible happened and I started my period after over 4 years drought.... its a miracle I don’t want
to get ahead of myself but I am so overjoyed that I’ve bled, I didn’t think it
would ever happen again.
I have to thank you as I know that the work you did played such a huge part in my healing.... words cant really express what this means to me. And I’m back in London and I really want to continue with the acupuncture, if you could recommend a practitioner id be eternally grateful, really id like to get more treatment from you.. You are truly gifted thank you thank you thank you.
You are being blessed by me always and say thanks to your assistant too- you both are the BEST
Love to Jenni also

Big thanks
— Isabel

Dear Johnathon
I came to see you last week about my chronic constipation. So far the diet, self massage and fibre powder is working brilliantly. Thank you.
— Louise

Dear Dr. Jonathon

Thanks a lot for your special treatment and I will say it again - I am very happy that I met one of the best doctors in the world and when I am need a doctor, I will come from any place to find you and ask you!
For your future plans, I wish you all the best and if you need any help or support in Germany just ask me.
All the best and when you have finished your book it would be nice to get one.
— Jürgen (Steinheim, Germany)
Dear Dr Dao!

Now that I’m back in London (it’s actually sunny!), I thought I’d drop you a quick email to thank you and your colleagues. The two sessions I had at your clinic were just terrific.
Also, I thought I’d follow up on your kind offer to recommend a doctor or two here in London who might be able to complete the treatment that you had started.
Thanks again!
All the best
— JK

Good day doctor Dao, my name is Mr. Cappelletti and I have been a patient of yours for a short time while in Palolem a month ago. I want to tell you that I still feel the benefits of your cure and that it will be with pleasure that I will come to your clinic in Palolem next year.
— Mr. Cappelletti
Howdie from China!

You may remember I was the blond chick with the stomach problems that saw you by chance on my last day in Goa. You performed some jiggery pokery with needles and I actually felt loads better that evening, better than I had done all week. I arrived in China two days later and went straight out to buy two Bo He Wan and the other one I cannot remember right now (I didn’t bring them with to the internet cafe).
And I am happy to report I have not had any major stomach problems since I arrived in China. Now the scientist in me wants to make the observation that I am no longer in India and this could have a lot to do with it, but actually I usually have more problems than this at home in the UK.....so it’s the best it’s been in years.

— Sian